Hey u up?

Hey night owls, insomniacs, clock rebels….creative seekers…shift workers…those with the ceaseless chattering in the wee hours inside that skull…I get it. I’m with you. I’m working behind the scenes to build out this page for us. It’s more work and learning than I thought. This is basically a test page to try out, as I work on the background stuff that makes a page work, and that people can find on google. Bear with me. Let’s make it fun, and hopefully interesting. I want to include guest bloggers as this ramps up on a variety of subjects. Here hoping zzzzzs for you. Going to turn on my white noise machine now.

4 thoughts on “Hey u up?”

  1. Hiya, My Mate, Bert’s my imaginary friend and he never sleeps so I’m well familiar with night owledness ‘n’ stuff.

    Great site name…great niche idea…..add me to your subscriber list, please.

    All the very best wishes from Bert ‘n’ me

  2. Probably everybody has suffered from anxiety of some kind. Maybe not sociopaths though as they have too much fun figuring out how to manipulate you. My experiences with anxiety forces me to separate day time and night/sleep time. Daytime is for figuring things out/what needs to be done. Nightime is for getting you mind/body some rest so I can function during daytime. When I wake up at 3am……almost every night….if negative thoughts are seeping in to my coconut….I think “baseball box scores” or “will my team win the world series again? Or hockey stuff etc.

    1. Cut short. You can’t change anything while laying in bed even if wide awake so maybe concentrate about things you like……a hobby, your family, going on vacation etc. The night belongs to me as I could not survive worrying about everything for 24 hours a day. I’ve been there.

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